Benefit Now By Investing In Real Estate In Tangier!

It is absolutely right that Tangier is a place which is famous in the whole world because of various reasons. But these days the most important reason attracting people from all the parts of the world is the potential hidden in Tangier property. The availability of real estates at the most affordable prices magnetizes potential investors from all over the world. Believe it or not! But the estate properties in some of the major cities of Morocco are available at the half price of the European hotspots like France and Spain.

Tangier property: The Right Way To Spend

Invest in Real EstateThe investment potential is not only directly associated with the rich cultural heritage of the city but also with the future growth potential. Presently, the annual growth rate of Tangier investment property is over 10% a year. This is something which is not that much easy to find with the estate investment spots available in all the other countries. Another fact which is really supportive to the investor�s priority to Tangier property is that the Moroccan government is aiming to increase the tourism and achieve the mark of 10 million tourists by the year 2010.

Tangier: Preferred Choice For Investors

Tangier is certainly one of the hotspots for the investments on properties. Potential developers from Europe and other continents of the world are now building luxury real estate properties in Tangier. The nearness of Tangier to the mainland Spain is the main reason due to which the investors from all the major European countries prefer to invest here and expect best of the return from it.

Several countries from Europe are taking tremendous interest in the estates offering best vacation rentals in Tangier. According to a report, the government of Morocco has summoned potential investors from Spain to invest amount in 184 recent real estate projects in the province of Tangier. According to a major source of Tangier�s urban development agency; �In the last couple of years, the investment done by the Spanish investors has crossed the mark of immense �1.364 billion. The developers and investors of Spain have already shown their determined commitment to the estate development projects in Morocco. According to an official source, the tourists visiting from the countries like Spain are anticipated to double by the year 2010.

The European Union is interested and funding a large infrastructure programs in the area. With the availability of free trade zone within Tangier the foreign investment has already been motivated by a considerable rate. With the involvement of various big projects the city of Tangier is going to be the home of one of the largest commercial ports in the middle and no doubt biggest in the North Africa.

Why Tangier?

Tangier is a city which is energetic and really adorable. Believe it! It is a place which is currently renowned in the entire world for its resorts and apartments. Golf Villas & Apartments, Kasbah Apartments, and Forest Villas & Apartments offered by this city are truly unparalleled.

Tangier is a city which is termed to be exclusive due to its various features. It is an undeniable fact that the close immediacy of Tangier with Europe also contributed to the modernization of the city. This is because it is not difficult on a clear day to view the country of Spain across the Straights of Gibraltar.

Tangier is rich in culture. Due to its cultural diversities it is a place with high return investment opportunities. With the help of improved infrastructure and incentives to foreign investors the government of Morocco is taking best possible initiative to magnetize a large number of investors from outside. The major focus is on strengthening the economy in the best possible manner.

There is a development project including the construction of a tunnel making a link between the North Africa and Spain. It is fully assured that after the completion of this project the prices of the properties will increase up to an incredible extent. The people who buy a real estate property before that are believed to remain in higher profit margin. The tunnel linking Spain and North Africa will decisively put Morocco on the map of Europe. It will no doubt have a massive impact on the development aspects like business ad tourism. It will have tremendous affect on the overall existence of Tangier city. Its worth will not only remain as a premier tourist destination in Morocco but something more than that i.e. distinguish choice for property investors.

There are several development projects in Tangier which will come into existence soon. It includes new five star hotels beside the bay, a new airport terminal, a contemporary business district, and a new football stadium for the sport lovers. Enhancement in transportation sector has also been highlighted with renovation of transport network comprising of construction of new roads covering 600 miles.

Development In Tangier

Presently, Tangier is on the way to get fully developed. From the last few years the coastal areas of this city have witnessed a great deal of development. The modern city of Tangier have evidenced lots of development in the form of

  • the new motorway connecting Tangier to the rest of Morocco,
  • the new modern railway station and
  • the increasing number of city resorts.

These recent developments in city have enhanced the investment opportunities in Tangier.

In the present scenario, the city of Tangier is going through a rapid transformation. Some of the analysts of the property market have already given the city the title of �the new Dubai� because of its speed of alteration and the financial rewards that have been achieved by a large number of property investors.

No one can deny the fact that there are various aspects which have contributed in a significant manner to provide an environment in which all kinds of investors can prosper. Creation of a huge new port, investment in the commercial sector, the luxury marina, and a strong political backing are some of the aspects which have undoubtedly added on a large scale.

The major reason due to which different countries from Europe are taking interest in Morocco is due to the ease in access to this paradise of investment. After signing of the European Skies agreement it is now quite easy for the European airlines to operate without any sort of restriction on the airports of Morocco.

The key objective of Tangier is to secure back its past glory when it was renowned and one of the most stylish resorts on the Middle East.

Best Investment Options For Tangier

If you are a potential investor then it is imperative that you should have complete knowledge about the property market in Morocco. You should know about the locations that are advisable for a property investment. When it is about buying a property then tax payment also play an important role. Try to verify as much as possible about the taxes while buying a property in Morocco. What impact Moroccan economy can face as a result of changes in the global economy? If you are an investor from outside especially from the potential parts like Europe and the United States then it will significantly affect your decision.

Let�s start first of all with the property market in Morocco. It is notable that the prices of the properties in Morocco are nearly one-third of the price of the property in Spain. In the last 3 years all the major cities of the Morocco have recorded a capital growth of more than 30%. Besides this, King Mohamed VI has opted liberal policies regarding political and tax system. The rental income is now free from tax for the five years. There is no role of the capital gains if the concerned property is sold after the period of 10 years. This is something due to which investors are going for long term investment in Tangier without any hesitation.

It is important that you should know how to formulate the present market strategy and to forecast the market scenario of future. If you succeed in doing that then all the doors of successful investment will get opened for you.

If you have a comprehensive strategy and wish to get best of the returns of your investment then property in Tangier can be very productive for you. It is a fact that the real estate property that is available in Tangier is highly desirable. Although, investment of property in this city is not that much difficult but still if you want to avoid any sort of complexities later on then you can seek the help of a local but specialized real estate agent or legal representative.

There is availability of different types of properties in Tangier where you can put your hands prudently and expect best of the returns from it. There are a large number of places available for the real estate investment in Tangier.

The properties available in Tangier tend to possess a special type of architecture. Tangier Villas which are highly popular from the investment aspects tend to have white color with green roof. It is the tradition design of the Villas which is inherited from Andalusia.

Apartments in Tangier are established on the basis of modern look which can be adorable to the investors from all the major parts of the world. The Tangier properties available in sea fronts have floor-to-ceiling windows with modern interiors which are unmatched from the properties available in all the other investment hubs.

Tangier: beach resorts
beach resorts in Tangier! Presently, there is high demand for Villas, Resorts and Apartments in the investment market. If you are going for the beach resorts then it is going to be a decision on which you can proud upon later on. Some of the resort apartment offer several remarkable facilities which are difficult to find out with any other property investment plan. For outstanding returns in future it is advisable to invest in these money producing projects now. It is not like that in the coming period of time the scope of investing money in this real estate sector will get reduced, but the possibility is quite high that you are required to input more amounts in the project to get the same kind of return.

Tangier: Apartments
Investing handsome amount in Apartments can also prove to be a smart decision taken by you. The best part of going for the apartments is that you can avail the joy of getting a beachfront location. By going for the recognized apartments in Tangier you can get best of the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. The apartments which are presently available for purchase include 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms along with multiple choices in design.

Tangier: Palaces
If you are fond of palaces and are looking to purchase one then Tangier can match up with your needs in no time. Here, the palaces are redefined with the capacity of 6 bedrooms. They are basically designed to accommodate large family, guests and staff. Normally they are meant for the people with higher income grade who are fond of the royal Moroccan lifestyle and wish to experience the same. The palaces are rightly exposed to mesmerizing landscaped gardens and fountains with a large number of exterior porches, which are covered with pathways. A private swimming pool is also available.

All About The Process Of Taxation In Morocco

As aid above it is imperative that you should have the entire knowledge about the process of taxation while purchasing a property in Morocco. It is a fact that in Morocco the primary taxes directly depends on the type of property purchased by you.

If it is a house for habitation then a land without a building must build within 7 years. The registration fee is normally 2.5% of the actual amount. Notaries� tax includes 0.5% and Funciary conservation comprises of 1% of the total amount. Like the registration fee the notary�s fee is also 2.5%. The current funciary conservation is not compulsory but if necessary then it will include additional 0.5%. Sundries (including fiscal stamps etc. will charge up to 1,500 to 3,000 dirham. The surveyor charges will be roughly 2,500 DH.

If you are building offices for commercial purposes or wish to avail land without any sort of obligation then the registration rights will be 5%. The notaries� tax and property registration will be 0.5% and 1% respectively.

If the objective is to purchase an agricultural land then it is very important to note that foreigners are not eligible to purchase an agricultural land. The only way available to do the same is to legalize it by altering the judiciary status of the land. You will not face any problem in purchasing the same in the form of a territory meant for "non-agricultural" use.

The government of Morocco has launched an economic reform with a prominent support of International Monetary Fund and World Bank since 1980s. This has controlled the expenditure of the government, and helped to revise out the tax system, and the transformation of the banking system. The taxes and duties are consistently lowered or rather removed.

Tangier: A Tourist Magnet

The overall population of Tangier is nearby 700,000. It geographically lies in the North African coast from western entrance to the Straight of Gibraltar. It is the actual place where the Mediterranean meets with the Atlantic Ocean. It is a fact that the spirit and the rich colorful atmosphere always attract creative people to this place. If one takes into account all the aspects which are related with this city then one will find no difference between the present Tangier and the ancient Tangier.

Tangier is the capital of the Tangier-Tetouan Region and is among the most recognized tourist destinations of Morocco. It is also a place where a large number of Moroccan people enjoy their holidays. The sunset and the sea beaches of this city always astonish tourists visiting here from different parts of the world.

Within the last few years Tangier has turned out to be a hotspot for the real estate investors from east and west. Tangier has been successful in keeping a balance between eastern and western investors because its ancient culture is quite similar to that of Europe.

Tangier is a city which is always loved by the British and American people and now other parts of the world is also under the influence of this unique city. It is a city which is specially recognized for its grand souk which is undoubtedly conquered by Sidi Bou Abid mosque whose rises above the whole city. There is no other city in the entire Africa which is so much closer to Europe. Tangier has a rich cultural background related with musicians, painters and authors.

Undoubtedly, tangier has its own dignity and presence at the crosslands of Africa, Europe and the Middle East. This city has full control over the southern shore of the Straights of Gibraltar. It is merely 8 miles from the southern part of Spain. Tangier is presently enjoying its new birth in the form of economic renaissance.

How To Reach Tangier?

When it is about a thriving city of Tangier then most of the real estate agents have same kind of opinion. In short, the real estate in Tangier can prove to a paradise for the property investors from every part of the world.

If you are a property investor from the Europe or the United States then it is vital for you to have full information about the flights to and from Morocco. In total, there are 28 schedules flights available each week to Morocco from the UK cities of Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham. From Ireland, the flights are available from the cities of Cork, Shannon and Dublin. To Tangier there are flights twice daily from Casablanca and Malaga. Daily flights are available from the cities like London and Paris.

Some Tips For You

While visiting Tangier in Morocco try to deal with local estate agents and property developers. It is crucial that you should deal with only those people who are experienced as well as professional of this field. If you are an investor in Tangier from outside then make sure that your partners are fluent in English. There is availability of wide range of apartments, traditional riads and villas in Tangier to make the most productive real estate investment.