The Moroccan Economy Accomplished Amazing Growth

The managing director for the WEF (World Economic Forum), André Schneider, said that Morocco’s economy which has achieved remarkable progress is certainly the “ideal location” to host the WEF (World Economic Forum) on MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Why Hold this International Event in Morocco?
Schneider informed MAP on the eve of commencement of the 3 day event, that holding this global event in the Kingdom of Morocco also shows the country’s position as a vital player in the Middle East and North Africa region, being a connection point between Africa, the America’s and Europe, and as a key player in all dialogues of the Mediterranean region’s future.

World Economic Forum Being Held In Morocco

What Other Areas will the Forum Focus on?
The managing director for WEF also emphasized that the forum will also focus on a couple of broad lines, namely:

  • “Regional Responses to Global Risks”
  • “North Africa: New Business Geographies”
  • “Unlocking Sustainable Growth”

He also said that World Economic Forum on Middle East and North Africa region is a wonderful opportunity to tackle various issues such as:

  • The challenges facing education
  • Building energy infrastructure
  • Encouraging growth and the impact of the global financial crisis on the Middle East and North Africa region
  • The resources to promote human capacities in order to maintain growth

Did This Event Host Only Heads of Nations?
The forum was held under the theme “Purpose, Resilience and Prosperity” and brought together a host of economists, politicians and civil society players.

After Hosting this Forum, What Did The Moroccan Government Achieve?
During the course of this 3 day event, Morocco was able to showcase the country’s investment opportunities particularly in the real estate market. The Moroccan government was able to tell not just the WEF on MENA delegates, but the world in general that Morocco is THE destination for investors.

“Why Should I Buy Property in Morocco?”
The reason you should consider purchasing property in Morocco is because this country has one thing in common with other well known overseas property hotspots and that is “global mass appeal”. This country’s transformation from a dull North Africa remote place to a ritzy European getaway has made travel headlines. This country’s enchanting resorts, cultural delights and other wonderful locations is any holiday maker’s dream spot.

What Makes Morocco such Special Destination for European Holiday Makers?
C’mon let’s be honest here, there is no European on the face of the earth who does not go on holiday just for the sun. Morocco is certainly the perfect escape from cold winters and depressingly wet and windy weekends.

Is it that easy to Purchase Property in Morocco?
Yes, buying property Morocco is pretty straightforward. But it is essential that you take independent legal advice. Translation: Although buying a property is easy, you will still need to consult an expert on Morocco’s real estate matters.

What Language is spoken in Morocco?
Though English is spoken is widely spoken in Morocco, Arabic and French are the preferred languages. It will be nice if you can speak in a little bit of Spanish.

The Kingdom of Morocco Increases Investments in Africa

Morocco’s Finance Minister Salaheddine Mezouar said in Rabat that the Moroccan government will offer incentives as part of its openness onto the African market by increasing the limit of Moroccan investments approved in the continent from 30 to a hundred million Dirhams.

How will Private Operators be Encouraged to Strengthen Their Presence in the African Market?
The Ministers added in a press briefing, that in other to support private operators to strengthen their presence on the African market, the “Fonds de Promotion des exportations” will allocate 200 million dirhams as part of the 2011 appropriation bill.

Morocco Invests In Africa

How Can Morocco’s Business Climate be Improved?
The Moroccan Finance Minister stressed that there is a need to put in place a regional financial hub in Casablanca and to also offer fiscal incentives – this way, the business climate in Morocco and the country’s competiveness can be improved. The Minister also noted that income tax on foreign capital will be slashed from 30 percent to 15 percent.

What is The Support for Foreign Investment in Morocco?
The Kingdom has put together a couple of major projections in order to draw foreign investments. Several investment’s support instruments that follow the provisions implemented for improvement of business environment. They are, as a matter of fact, presented as contributions and benefits to foreign investors by the government of Morocco. La Direction des Investissements Extérieurs (The External Investments Management), including the Regional Investment Centers make up the necessary tools needed for promotion, the assistance and of course, the reception of foreign investors. The Moroccan government implemented a convertibility system for foreign investments carried out in currencies in order to guarantee foreign investors the complete liberty to accomplish their investments in the country and transfer the profits produced, as well as the income of transfer or liquidation.

Which Sectors In Morocco are Open to Foreign Investment?
Each and every sector in Morocco is wide open to foreign investment. However, the following are all subject to a couple of specific regulations:

  • Offshore financial centers
  • Hydrocarbon investments
  • Exportation free zones

Why you should invest in Morocco
Morocco is one of the very few countries in the world today that offers investors the opportunity to invest their money in profitable sectors and will not squeeze every cent out of them (investors) when it comes to taxes. Taxes! That is one word that scares any investor stiff! Morocco’s Sovereign has put measures in place to ensure that the country’s tax laws are investor-friendly: Translation – the tax system will not be in your pocket every step of the way (this is the part where you do a double backhand spring!)

Any Tips for Foreign Investors?
No matter what sector you plan to invest in, it is important that you prepare a business plan. Drawing up a business plan will help you define the aims and objective of your company and allow at the same time, the opportunity to establish all of the necessary steps and financial assistance for the achievement of your company’s goals.

Morocco has made Progress In Macro-economic Stability

At the IMF (International Monetary Fund), The Director of Middle East and Central Asia Department Masood Ahmed said that Morocco is a country that has made a significant progress over the past ten years in terms of its macro-economic stability and alleviation of poverty.

What is Morocco’s Economic Growth Expected to be in 2010?
Regardless of the recent crisis in Europe, in 2010, the Kingdom of Morocco’s economic growth us expected to be quite satisfactory, while the country’s standard rate of inflation is estimated to stay below 2 percent, the Director of Middle East and Central Asia Department told MAP on the eve of taking part in the WEF (World Economic Forum) on MENA (Middle East and North Africa) which took place in Marrakech, Morocco.

Progress In Macro-Economic Stability

What Else Did the Director of Middle East and Central Asia Department Say?
He emphasized the efforts that the Moroccan government has made in order to reinforce the country’s infrastructure and improve the business environment which will in turn promote Morocco’s competitiveness, maintain a growth strategy based on the country’s exports and also solving the unemployment issues. He also said that the efforts put forth by the Moroccan government in order to improve educational and health services are also essential to ensure a sustained growth.

What about the Country’s Money and Tax Issues?
On Morocco’s money and taxes issues, the official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) considered that Morocco responded “appropriately” in the face of a global financial slump, emphasizing that the government’s budgetary measures, which include increasing grants for key sectors has helped to support local demand. He also added that cutting down the central bank’s major interest rate and the cutting back of mandatory reserve requirements, in addition to the attentive monitoring of the country’s financial sector resulted in sustaining trust.

How Did MENA Importing Oil Nations Overcome the Global Financial Crisis?
Masood Ahmed noted that Middle East and North Africa importing oil nations – Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Mauritania, Syria, Jordan and Tunisia – triumphed over the crisis through implementing budgetary measure while giving room for manoeuvre.

“Can You Tell Me More About the Moroccan Market?” – Oh Hell Yeah!
The Kingdom of Morocco is truly a unique country with an outstanding attraction, thanks to its 3 key advantages which are:

  • An economic environment that is wide open to investors
  • A competitive and qualified work force
  • Strategic geographical location.

Morocco is a country that remains powerful in terms of its reception of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), established by its categorization in the “2nd place” of the Maghreb host nations and in the “4th place” out of all the other African nations. A number of fields are under the control of the present development of the country, such as:

  • The textile industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Services
  • Electronics
  • Construction etc.

The Moroccan Tax Advantages
In order to promote foreign investment in Morocco, the Moroccan government grants various tax advantages to foreign investors – in other words, investing in Morocco is a tax pain-in-the-neck-FREE process.

The American High-End Market Explored by Morocco

The Moroccan Foreign Trade Minister Abdellatif Maazouz said that after a victorious experience in Europe, especially in France, the Kingdom of Morocco will launch a new operation in the city of New York with the intention of introducing Morocco’s agro-alimentary products to America’s high-end market.

How Many Moroccan Products will be Featured in New York?
On the sidelines of the 24th SIAL (Salon International de l’Agroalimentaire) which took place in Paris, France, Morocco’s Foreign Trade Minister told MAP in an interview that all 16 stores of “The Food Emporium” a well known New Yorker food chain, will feature over 200 Moroccan made products.

The Export From Morocco To America Is Growing

What is the Importance of Morocco’s Participation in the SIAL?
The 24th SIAL, was event marked by the participation of over 70 Moroccan based companies, was an avenue to showcase Morocco’s diverse and innovative production and to also encourage the exportation of every bit of this country’s agro-industrial products particularly spices and oils, in addition to the following:

  • Preserved food
  • Condiments
  • Sweets
  • Drinks
  • Starch
  • Seafood

The Minister praised the excellence of Morocco’s participation in this event, both in terms of the considerable number of Moroccan participants and the number of visitors, the minister noted that participating in the SIAL was essential to promote the exports of Moroccan products because it served to successfully introduce Morocco’s agro-industrial products to the French high-end market.

Apart from Food Products, What Else Can Morocco Offer the American Market?
Morocco is presently a completely unique location for interested property investors. American real estate investors can take advantage of this country’s wonderful real estate opportunities. Interested Americans have the opportunity to buy property early in this country’s emerging market at a very affordable cost in comparison to lots of other countries in the Mediterranean region.

What is So Unique about the Property Market in Morocco?
The “Unique” thing about investing in the Moroccan real estate market is the “Sense of security” every investor is sure of getting – not many real estate investors can boast of this, not even Donald Trump. With this country’s tourism already improving at a pretty rapid rate and the “buy to let” investors are already recording 85 percent (85 percent!) occupancy rates all through the peak season. For many investors, Morocco does not only FEEL like a safe place to buy property but it IS a safe place to buy property.

Why Should I Invest In Morocco’s Real Estate? – Got Reasons?
Here are just some of the reasons why investing in Morocco’s real estate makes sense:

  • The property prices in Morocco are 50 percent less (50% less!) than any other European option
  • The cost of living is low – translation: you can experience a luxury lifestyle at a small cost
  • This country has a booming property market
  • Real estate investors will not be charged annual property tax for the first five years
  • Zero percent inheritance tax to family
  • 70 percent mortgages available
  • The country’s Sovereign and the UAE plan to increase tourism and is putting in place projects to improve infrastructure and boost Morocco’s tourism industry by 10 million visitors annually.

Morocco Introduces The Openness Policy

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Renault-Nissan Carlos Ghosn, Morocco’s openness to the European, Arab, Asian and American markets will help ease the export of Renault-Nissan products; Mr Ghosn said this in the city of Marrakech, Morocco.

The CEO of Renault-Nissan said at a forum on “The risks of underinvestment in infrastructure” which was held as part of the WEF (World Economic Forum) on MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region that Morocco’s openness policy will allow Renault’s plant located in the city Tangier, which is expected to have a yearly production capacity of four hundred thousand (400,000) units, to be made available to both the domestic and the global markets.

The Openness Policy Is A Great Investment Opportunity

Applauding Morocco’s efforts to build up infrastructure, Ghosn said that Morocco has a very large human potential. In Goshn’s own words “Morocco has a skilled labor which is ready to improve itself”.

The president of the EU’s (European Union)’s economic council Andrea Canino also spoke at this occasion, he said that before starting any infrastructure scheme, Morocco’s authorities must sit with the operators concerned and engage in dialogue in order to asses the usefulness of the scheme and its benefits in the short-term and long-term.

Andrea Canino said that this system has been implemented by Morocco, noting that the government had started discussion on the value of the “Tangiers-Med port project” with worldwide operators prior to its launch.

How Has Morocco Benefited from The Openness Policy?
The openness policy adopted by Morocco has made this country stand in good stead in terms of free trade. Morocco’s Foreign Trade Minister Abdellatif Maâzouz in an interview with British Daily Financial Times said that The Kingdom of Morocco maintains free-trade relations with fifty five (55) nations representing a billion consumers. Maâzouz went on to say that Morocco also has special ties with all countries in the EU along with those countries of the European Free Trade Association, Turkey, the US and Arab nations.

The European nations are known to remain at the core of the Kingdom of Morocco’s trade. The Minister said that in 2009, the trade with the European space was over 56 percent of the sum of the country’s trade and more than 65 percent of the exports of Morocco were destined for European consumers.

Europe is a major partner of the Kingdom of Morocco, with over 3 million tourists visiting this country in the past year alone.

Now, regarding investments, the European Union holds 60 percent of Morocco’s direct investments in the last decade. According to a Moroccan official, the UK ranked 6th in 2009, in terms of trading with the Kingdom of Morocco and ranked 14th amongst the countries that supplies Morocco.

What about Exportation?
The “Morocco Export Plus” scheme was launched by Morocco in order to improve its foreign trade, Maâzouz stressed that this project was launched with the intention to double Morocco’s exports by the year 2015 and triple the exports in 2018.
The main goal according to Maâzouz, is to help strengthen the position of the Kingdom as a strong platform for investments and exports.

Morocco’s Approach is Based on Stable Relations

Morocco’s Sovereign, His Majesty Mohammed VI has confirmed that the post-crisis world centers on implementing an approach that takes into consideration balanced relations based on similar interests that will pave the way for a universal system that has a much bigger capacity to contain diversity and of course, multiplicity of models, with due respect for every nation’s characteristics.

Is Morocco Facing any Difficulties Even After the Economic Recovery?
Okay, there is no such as a “Perfect Economy.” In an address to the WEF (World Economic Forum) on MENA (Middle East and North Africa) which opened in Marrakech, Morocco, the King in his own words said “it is now clear that the economic recovery witnessed recently has not been strong enough to help end the scourge of unemployment. Indeed, the recovery is being hampered by many difficulties that prevent us from finding comprehensive solutions which are likely to see us out of the crisis.”

Morocco Has Stable Relations

Wait a Minute! What is the Major Lesson that Should be Learned Here!?
The Monarch of this country also that “the main lesson to be learned, therefore, from the developments witnessed in recent years is that the global crisis is about more than just economic, financial and social factors. It concerns the fundamentals of the global model for economic growth. The crisis actually raises the question of this model’s cultural basis, puts its good governance to the test and threatens its democratic foundations.”

What is Morocco’s Crisis Exist Strategy?
The nation’s Sovereign brought to mind that given the Middle East and North Africa region’s natural resources and energies, it can actually play a major part in putting together crisis exist strategies and donate successfully to the debate on a new universal development model that will put human dignity at the core of its concerns, emphasizing that the region has been doing quite well as regards the rate at which it is rising above the adverse effects of the global financial and economic crisis. The King added “By year’s end, our growth rate should be encouraging and prospects for the coming year are likely to be just as promising.”

What is So Great About the MENA region Anyway?
Well, according to Morocco’s Monarch, the Middle East North Africa region is “particularly rich in natural resources, especially with regard to energy production – from both mineral and renewable resources. It also has enormous human resources and is home to five per cent of the world population, most of whom are young,” he also added that, from a geopolitical angle, this region’s importance is improved by its excellent location, which can play a vital part in encouraging exchange and cooperation.

What are the Challenges is The MENA Region Facing?
Morocco’s Sovereign drew attention to the two major challenges faced by the MENA region today are:

  1. The capacity to support growth, speed up its pace, increase competitiveness and draw investors in order to create more employment, seal the gap between the rich and the financially challenged and place citizens at the center of the development process, whilst conserving the basic economic and financial stability.
  2. The ability to effectively position itself on the international economic map – presently and in the future – by turning into a powerful regional bloc that thrives on common approach when doing business with the outside world. A strong strategy that will not only be grounded in regional integration but one that will also allow for productive cooperation partnerships with Morocco’s partners from all over the world.

Morocco is Seeking to Develop a Sustainable Economy

André Schneider, the Managing Director of WEF (World Economic Forum) said in Marrakech, Morocco that the Kingdom of Morocco is nation that is aspiring to develop a sustainable economy.

How will Morocco Attempt to Develop a Sustainable Economy?
During the press conference held on the evening prior to the WEF (World Economic Forum) on MENA (Middle East and North Africa), The Managing Director of WEF emphasized that Morocco is dedicated to the sustainability principle, by introducing a variety of large scale projects, under the supervision of Morocco’s Sovereign HM King Mohammed VI, particularly in the field of renewable energy and the involvement of the National Chart on the Environment & Sustainable Development.

Morocco Is Developing A Sustainable Economy

Any Support?
Morocco’s “strong commitment” is firmly supported by the encouraging economic results accomplished by the country, Schneider added, by noting that Morocco’s advantageous geographic location and the positive relationship it has with the EU (European Union), the United States and the Middle East and North African countries have made it a stage for cooperation and dialogue and also as the location for hosting the WEF on MENA.

What is The Objective of WEF on MENA?
SherifEl Diwany, who is the Middle East and North Africa’s Executive Director at the World Economic Forum said that the WEF which held in Marrakech, Morocco, under the theme “Purpose, Resilience and Prosperity”, is a forum which will discuss necessary political and commercial measures in order to help encourage competitiveness at the regional level.

What is the Key Element for Promoting Competitiveness of the MENA Countries?
The Senior Economist, Director of the World Economic Forum’s Center for Global Competiveness and Performance highlighted the significance of “education” as a major element for promoting the competitiveness of the Middle East and North Africa countries.

The WEF on MENA Hosted What Kind of Delegates?
The 3 day event brought together a host of several policy makers, company execs in addition representatives of the civil society and key opinion leaders at the regional and global levels, with a view to talk about a growth and development plan for the Middle East and North Africa region, in the present situation which is marked by a global financial crisis, the unstable prices of petrol, water scarcity and the continuing immigration issue.

After All Said and Done, What Should Investors Expect?
Morocco’s Sovereign King Mohammed VI plans to create a number of tourist developments in this country’s Mediterranean and Atlantic Coasts. These projects will be constructed over a period of five years and will include the following:

  • Stunning apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Golf courses
  • 5 Star hotels
  • Villas

What are the Key Changes In Morocco?
Some of the key changes in this country are:

  • Channel Tunnel between The Kingdom of Morocco and Spain.
  • New road construction projects (Budget: 11.9 million Euros)
  • Five year development plan. Arab investors will construct the following:
    • – New complexes
    • – 5 star hotels
    • – Convention centers
    • – Spas
    • – Marinas
    • – Riding clubs
    • – Beach clubs
  • Other key investments that will focus on:
    • – Seaside resorts
    • – Roads
    • – Harbour
    • – Real estate
    • – Beach clubs
    • – Shopping centers
    • – Airport infrastructure
    • – Create new job opportunities
  • High Speed trains

Support by France in Trade Agreement Negotiations

Anne-Marie Idrac France’s State Secretary in charge of Foreign trade, said that the French government fully supports the kingdom of Morocco in the ongoing trade agreement discussions with the EU, “taking into consideration its advanced status.”

Does the French Government have any Advise for Moroccan Government?
Following discussions with Abdellatif Maâzouz, Morocco’s Foreign Trade Minister, France’s State Secretary informed MAP that she has emphasized, during the discussions, the necessitation for “a compromise respecting one another, which will reflect Morocco’s special standing, compared with other countries in the region, thanks to its advanced status, which is worth taking into consideration in the negotiation process.” Morocco’s Foreign Trade Minister told MAP that French government wished to send a signal to the European Union on “Morocco’s willingness to move forward in the services negotiations, as was declared in the Grenada (Spain) summit” between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Morocco Is Supported By France In Transport

What are Morocco’s Demands in Trade Agreement?
The Moroccan Foreign Trade ministers emphasized that the Kingdom demands particularly more flexibility with consideration to a couple of rules relating to the recognition of degrees, which will make way for an effective services agreement. In the minister’s own words “Flexibility in these aspects would enable to go faster in the free trade negotiations.” Maâzouz also said that in the field of textile, the Kingdom is requesting for similar conditions of rules of origin applied to the Pacific, Turkey, Caribbean and African states.

Did Morocco Ever Have a Trading Partner?
In 2009, France happened to be Morocco’s very first trading partner, with 18.2 percent of Moroccan foreign trade. The EU is the Kingdom’s first trading partner and accounts for virtually 60% of its entire trade. Morocco’s imports in 2006 from the European Union arrived at 10.3 billion Euros, while the kingdom exported a total value of 7.2 billion Euros. In 2006, Morocco’s trade deficit with the European Union stood at 3.1 billion Euros.

What is Morocco’s Economy Largely Dependent On?
The Moroccan economy is still pretty much dependent on textiles trade and agricultural products, which together in 2006 accounted for 59 percent of European Union imports from the Kingdom.

What is the Sectoral breakdown of Chief European Union Imports from Morocco?
In 2006, the sectoral breakdown of chief European Union imports from Morocco is:

  • Agricultural products – 24 percent
  • Clothing and Textiles – 35 percent
  • Energy – 4 percent
  • chemical products – 4 percent
  • Machinery – 15.4 percent

Major European Union exports to Morocco are:

  • Machinery – 26.4 percent
  • Clothing and textiles – 14 percent
  • Energy – 10 percent
  • Chemical products – 10.5 percent
  • Transport materials – 10 percent

What is Morocco’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?
The European Union is the chief foreign investor for the Kingdom, followed by the United States. In 2005, the European Union Foreign Direct Investment in the Kingdom of Morocco was some whopping 1 billion Euros, adding to the total European Union external stocks in Morocco of almost 4 billion Euros.

US Assistant Secretary of State visits Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco hosted, the United States Assistant Secretary for Economic, Energy and Business Affairs Jose Fernandez recently in Marrakesh.

What Was the Purpose for this Visit?
Fernandez took part in the yearly competition of the young Arab entrepreneurs INJAZ and he also emphasized the American support for them. The United States official also met with Moroccan representatives to the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, which took place in Washington.

US Has A Great Partnership With Morocco

What Else Did the US Official Do While in Morocco?
The United States official also participated in the WEF (World Economic Forum), primarily on debates on the following topics:

  • “Promoting US-Muslim relations”
  • “Boosting infrastructure investment in the Middle-East”
  • “Strengthening cooperation between US and Maghreban entrepreneurs.”

Does Morocco Have a Good Partnership with The United States?
The United States official said that the Kingdom is a privileged and long-standing partner for the US. The US official also said in an interview with “I’Economiste” – a French-speaking daily – that the United States has very strong ties with the Kingdom and looks to further strengthen partnership ties.

How Does the United States Support Morocco?
The US official recalled that the United States Supports the Kingdom’s very important sectors notably:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Agriculture
  • Right of property
  • And Energy

The United States official, who spoke on the sidelines of the WEF (World Economic Forum) on MENA (Middle East and North Africa), explained the free trade agreement between the United States and the Kingdom as “the core” of bilateral economic relations. Fernandez said that both countries should further their trade exchanges, he noted that Morocco is drawing investments.

Does Fernandez have Any Comments regarding the WEF?
On the World Economic Forum, Fernandez confirmed that the event emphasized the good bilateral bonds, particularly at the economic level, and was an avenue to think about the methods to address the challenges and also recognize new cooperation opportunities.

Name one Very Lucrative Investment Opportunity in Morocco
One of the most lucrative investment opportunities in Morocco is the real estate market. Yes, Morocco is one of the hottest spots for real estate investors!

Isn’t The Waters of Real Estate in “any country” Murky?
Yes, maybe the real estate waters in most countries are a little bit murky, but in Morocco the waters are clear and sparkly clean! The Sovereign of Morocco is offering incentives for new investors and developers who plan to build hotels and vacation homes in this country. The target of this country’s Sovereign is to have the infrastructure for ten million tourists by the year 2010.

How Can Investors be Sure That Their Interests Are Protected?
The King of Morocco, King Mohammed VI is his early 40s and ascended the throne in 1999 when his father passed on. The King was trained in the United States and in the United Kingdom, he has a western mindset and he has been introducing great change in several areas including implementing new regulations to protect foreign investors – smart investors will definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

Morocco follows through with its Development Policy

The ruler of Morocco, His Majesty King Mohammed VI said that Morocco is a country that chose to remain on course and follow through with its development policy right from the onset of the global crisis. The policy is based on the following:

  • Supporting growth
  • Increasing investment
  • Forging ahead with the execution of key projects, structural transformation and the expansion of the country’s economy.

What Plans Do the Moroccan Government Have to Make the Country Investor-friendly?
In the King’s message to the WEF (World Economic Forum) on MENA (Middle East North Africa) which was held recently in Marrakech, Morocco, His Majesty stressed that this has actually led to the country’s adoption of sector specific strategies in the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Energy
  • New technologies
  • Tourism
  • Logistics, this also includes the reform of education and the improvement of training.

The Development Policy of Morocco

How Will These Reforms Benefit Prospective Investors?
According to the country’s Sovereign, these reforms are put in place in order to meet the development requirements and also the needs of investors with a view to offering world class human resources as well.

What Exactly is the Main Objective of the Development Policy?
According to the King “Our main objectives are to preserve financial stability, promote social services and employment, and protect the citizens’ purchasing power so as to ensure vibrant domestic demand”.

What Other Particular Project is Morocco Attaching Importance to?
According to the Moroccan King, HM Mohammed VI, who said that Morocco also attached particular importance (in his own words) “to the consolidation and modernization of our infrastructure and launched major projects in this respect – especially the Tangier Med port complex – to increase and expand our logistics capabilities and enhance our competitiveness.”

Will Morocco’s Business Environment Benefit too?
Yes, Morocco’s business environment is not left out in the country’s development policy. The Country’s Sovereign recalled, “Building on an integrated vision, I have also sought to upgrade the business environment by improving and expanding the scope of financial services through the creation of the Casablanca Finance City as well as free trade zones for industry, commerce and export, offering competitive incentives in this connection”

Is Morocco Going Green as part of The Development Policy?
Because the Moroccan government is looking to strike a balance between stronger growth and conservation of the environment, HM King Mohammed VI emphasized the country’s commitment to “An ambitious green growth policy.”

How Will the King Ensure that the Green Growth Policy is Successful?
In the Monarch’s own words “In this respect, I have made sure reform programs integrate the environmental dimension into all public policies and development strategies with a view to ensuring optimal use of our natural resources, while developing alternative and renewable energy sources within the framework of a comprehensive approach to sustainable development.”

What Else Did the King Say about Taking Advantage of Renewable Energy?
The King also noted that Morocco is a country that has also been aggressively involved in the efforts of the global community to rise to the key challenge posed by climate change. The King also brought to mind the commencement of a key project for the creation of clean, renewable energy gotten from natural sources like the sun and wind.