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Tangier: Gateway to visit Africa

A city of Morocco that is famous for its history, strict morals of religion and nightlife is Tangier. For visitors who are going to south or north, Tangier port is the gateway towards Africa. This is the only place from where Africa almost links to the Europe. Being situated only 38 miles away from Gibraltar, Tangier is very easy excursion for residents and travelers along Costa-del-Sol who certainly embark at airport or harbors on either British territory or Spanish.

The Facts About Financing A Moroccan Property Purchase

Buying a property in Morocco is not very difficult and if you need to invest in a holiday home property or just want to make a secure investment for the future, then buying a property in Morocco is just the ideal thing to do. Compared to many other western countries, there are some limitations as to the variety of financing options that can be availed in Morocco. But on the whole, it is quite easy to arrange for finance, in order to buy your dream property in Morocco.

Tangier events and its museums

The people who love art and craft would surely have lots of things to see in Tangier. Most of the visitors travel to Tangier because of its natural charm and outstanding hospitality. However, other than these things Tangier also has several things for tourists including its attractions and events.

It has culture in its soul and art in its soil. Everywhere you turn, you find only art in Tangier. Its historical places have extraordinary Islamic archeology. In addition, the handicrafts available in Tangier are best examples of its art. While wandering in its local markets, you can find several artists busy in their artwork along the street sides.

Business man, storytellers, snake charmers etc can be seen in its local market places, especially in evening. You can also see athlete performing gymnastics at beach side. If you would like to look more artwork, then the museums of Tangier are best place to visit.

Some of the Museums of Tangier are here:

Moroccan Art Museum:

This museum is situated in the palace of Dar el-Makhzen at Place de-la-Kasbah. This museum is well set in apartment of princes with ceiling of painted wooden work and sculpted plasterwork. Here, you can see excellent displays of expression of the Moroccan artwork from pottery and rugs to silks and jewelry in diverse collection of artworks.

Antiquities Museum:

It is also located in Dar el-Makhzen at Place de-la-Kasbah. It has fine displays of artifacts including mosaics and bronze from Roman sites of Cotta, Lixus, Volubilis and Bsnasa.

American-Legation Museum:

This museum is a place where you can see the marks of historical relations between America and Morocco. Morocco was first country of old continent that recognize independence from America. Admission in museum is free of cost. However, the tour in museum is guided by staff of museum.

Forbes Museum:

This museum consists of an exhibition of several miniatures of military that re-enact major battles. This museum has history from the Waterloo to the Dien-Bien-Phfi that is realistically re-created totally with lots of technical sound effects and lightning.

All the museums of Tangier open from Monday to Friday in between 8:30am to 18:30pm.

In addition, some events that also attract the attention of many tourists including artists are:

May: Tanjazz:

This festival mainly held in every May since 2000. In this festival you can see the performances on the streets as well as indoor concerts.
June: International Summer-Carnival:
In this carnival, people of Tangier celebrate the opening of summers. You can watch open-air parade, features of folkloristic expressions, Latin musical performances as well as Moroccan music performances.

July: Nights of Mediterranean:
Its celebration starts in beginning of the month of July with dance exhibitions and musical series by the international artists.
In addition, Amazigh festival, Volubilis Festival and Mediterranean Short-film festival also celebrates in Tangier every year. So, there are lots of exciting things available in Tangier for artists and tourists equally.

The Art Of Buying Free And Clear Real Estate Properties In Morocco

Morocco has become the hot spot for real estate investment. The growing tourism industry and the consequent growth in the demand for accommodation to rent out, real estate investment is fast offering great returns. The cost of living is low and even now the prices of properties are as low as 50% as compared to those in Europe. The Moroccan properties and homes are also becoming popular as a perfect vacation setting. While buying real estate properties and homes in Morocco make sure that you get properties with clear titles. There are some very old properties, which may even be bought. Ensure that you understand and satisfy all the legal matters related to these properties. This will make it easier for you, when you sell the property.

Tangier cuisine and restaurants

The great land of natural herbs and aromatic spices is Morocco. The traditional cuisine that has natural herbs and aromatic spices attract lots of tourists towards Morocco. Tangier is a beach town of Morocco and well famous as Gateway to Africa also offer the real traditional Moroccan tastes to the visitors.

The Advantages Of Investing In Morocco Real Estate

Investment in the foreign property market is picking up as a very safe investment option with substantial returns. Spain, France, Romania, Morocco are widely preferred locations to invest. Morocco too has become a hotspot to invest in elite properties to gain profits and value for your money. The Moroccan government is supporting its infrastructure development needed for the growth of the tourism industry. Moreover, the cost of living being low, prices here are comparatively lesser, when compared to other European countries and have higher returns, thus making it a great investment location. There are many advantages to invest in Morocco real estate properties.

Tangier a home of adventure and thrill

Tangier an ultimate place to visit and have unforgettable experience. The people who visit Tangier would say that it is a place which has extraordinary natural locations and attractions. Tangier is a small town of Morocco that has great fame in the world due to lots of reasons.

It is fun-fill place that has variety of things for its visitors. Traveling to Tangier is just like visiting another world. The lifestyle and culture of Tangier is totally different as compared to other closer regions of Tangier. It is the link between two great continents: Africa and Europe. Tangier is a hotspot to enjoy weekends for the people of Spain. In addition it is also the open end of Morocco from where Morocco faces the Atlantic Ocean.