Morocco – An investment hotspot

Buying a property in Morocco has become immensely popular with overseas investors. Most people are interested in buying the property since the prices are extremely low. Despite these low prices, the quality of construction is superior. This makes property investments a bargain deal for the investors.

Location Preference
Since Morocco is located very close to Europe and is about 2-3 hours away from most European airports, its popularity has grown quite a bit. Many homebuyers are also looking at it as their alternate investments. The infrastructure in Morocco is growing unabated and the properties in Morocco are emerging as one of the top properties as well.

Vision 2010
Vision 2010, one of the finest strategic moves by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI, is acting as a catalyst for the infrastructure development in Morocco. It has also taken a number of initiatives to entice the tourism industry in Morocco. This is reason that the property market is expected to grow manifold in Morocco. Analysts say that investors are extremely keen in the investment as the prices are extremely low. The analysts suggest the investment is likely to grow by at least 15% per annum and the investments can see a remarkable appreciation of their investment in the Moroccan properties.

The King’s Vision 2010 has an unprecedented budget of $10 billion for investment in the Health and Tourism sectors. Since this is a massive impetus, tourism will accelerate at a pace that is larger than the properties that are been currently built. This is providing an extremely good base for the investors to get great rental incomes from their properties as well.

Price Hike
Once the infrastructure projects and tourist facilities are in place, the price of the property will suddenly take a jump. The Moroccan resorts that are been currently built are keeping the standard extremely high. These luxury resorts have an appeal for the high-end tourists and the pricing is so competitive that it scores extremely well with the investors also. In fact, the standard of luxury is comparable to other luxury hotspots such as St. Tropez and Monaco (that have long been considered the traditional epitomes of luxury). Those who visit Monaco are also charmed by the fascinating and exotic culture that is present here.

Key Reasons
The key reasons for Morocco becoming a property hotspot include:

  • Since the property market is open to both domestic and international buyers, it has made Morocco a hotspot indeed.
  • It’s expected that this year almost 10 million tourists will visit Morocco. It speaks of many opportunities for the investors in real estate.
  • There are 6 luxury resorts that are been currently built and these are done under the aegis of the King himself, that is enough to bolster the confidence of all the investors.
  • With the country becoming a part of the Open skies agreement, there are a number of budget airlines that are getting the investors closer to the country than ever before.

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