Accommodation in Tangier

If you are deciding to make a trip to Tangier in upcoming holidays, then you require a comfortable and peaceful accommodation to stay there.

Tangier has really nice accommodations to stay. There are several old style hotels belonging to 1930’s with excellent views. Most of them are situated on waterfront locations with exception of Continental. In Tangier there are various accommodations available for tourists including luxurious hotels, authentic raids, holiday homes, backpacker hostels and holiday apartments. Here are some details of various accommodations available at Tangier.


It is not a dilemma to find a good Hotel in Tangier in affordable rate. Tangier has wide variety of hotels from top class luxurious hotels with 1st class facilities to general budget hotels at cheap prices. Most of the luxurious hotels have swimming pool, fitness centers, Jacuzzi’s and parking including everything that you look for in classy hotels. Luxurious hotels in Tangier are as good as luxurious hotels of USA and Europe.

In addition, plenty of low price hotels are also available at Tangier. However, facilities are quite basic and less as compared to the classy hotels but these hotels are incredibly cheaper than luxurious one.

So, in tangier you would find lots of hotels as per you budget and requirements.


Raids are an ideal accommodation to stay in Tangier. You would find authentic raids, guesthouses and enchanting accommodations to spend your holidays in this great town of Morocco.

Raids are basically homes of families of Medina’s in the Morocco. Majority of the Medina’s homes are turned and restored into good holiday’s homes for visitors. A typical raid has 2 or 3 stores, surrounded with a beautiful patio which has lovely flowers, fountain and mosaic decorations. In addition, raids have traditional Moroccan living-rooms as well as traces. So, the tourists who like to visit Tangier and enjoy the true lifestyle of Moroccan can stay in raids. They are worthy and affordable.

Holiday apartments:

There are several holiday apartments available in Tangier for tourists in cheap prices. If you stay in holiday apartments, then you would have your own space for comfortable stay. In addition, it would give you homely feel. If you are traveling to Tangier with your family or in group then holiday apartments are best options to stay. Being affordable with all required facilities holiday homes are great accommodation for tourists in Tangier.

Holiday apartments are available at several locations in Tangier. You can choose these holiday apartment as per their location that you like most in Tangier. The range of apartments is from one or two bedroom to luxurious four or five bedroom.

Holiday homes:

In Tangier you would fine best chalet, houses, holiday homes, villa etc to stay with comfort. If you rent a home in Tangier, you would have many advantages like you feel more autonomous, you can cook yourself, etc.

Renting a holiday chalet and holiday house is worth for those who visit Tangier in big groups.

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