All you must know about New Tangier

The outstanding town of Morocco named Tangier or Tijuana is the place where Africa welcomes its visitors very first. Tangier is an international Zone favored by West and thus, it has great significance for its country.

It is a place that suffers from long period of ignorance. However, when the king Mohammed VI took throne, Tangier got back its lure again. Tangier is currently a place where you find lots and lots of amazing things that you have never experienced. In order to promote tangier as an exotic place for tourism, several restorations have taken place on grand scale. Its beach become painstakingly clean and its gardens bloom by new greenery and flowers, etc.

Local people:

The people of Tangier are so friendly that no one would think that he/she is tourist in that world. Most of the Moroccans are Muslims. However, being as the center of many historical deeds and civilization evacuation, you may also find people belonging to other cultures in Tangier. The guides available in Tangier are capable of speaking several languages. Thus, tourists from any nation can enjoy the trip easily.


The sightseeing of Tangier is dazzling. Visitors like to stay in the accommodations available along the beach side. The beautiful views of sea side from the balconies of apartments, hotels etc are wonderful. People feel that it is a place where they can see the natural charm and its magnificence.


The culture is in the air of Morocco. Wherever you go in Morocco you find that every person respects his/her country and its traditional worth. It is proved by the lifestyle of Moroccans as well as through their dresses. Therefore, when you visit Tangier you find that it is a little Morocco. While walking on narrow streets of Tangier you would find lots of energy and vision. In addition, in new Tangier you would also see modest and new affluence.

As far as business aspects are considered, the white walled area Tangier is very sound. Most of the traders come to tangier for business. As being the link between Africa and Europe, Tangier port has great importance.

Tangier is a place that remains full with tourists throughout the year. The people from Spain visit tangier to spend their weekend. There are several tourists who like to visit Tangier in order to do shopping and have entertainment.

The attractions of Tangier are also extremely eye-catching and well-known in the world. Including the beach of Tangier its gardens, monuments, museums, etc are very striking.

New Tangier is a peaceful place where people come to have some relaxation. Tangier now-a-days become one of the top place to visit in Morocco for tourists, traders, businessmen, artists, writers and for those who love adventures.

Hence, the new Tangier is far away from antisocial activities. It is now a beautiful place to visit with your family and friends. In order to have remarkable holidays, travel to Tangier and find the exclusive natural beauty with cultural shine.

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