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There are many reasons that make Tangier a special place. For one, it is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. Being in Tangier feels like the world was reduced into a small city. In this contemporary day, the world has gone modernized. Everyone is accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the city life but if you want to have a feel of serenity, you can get in touch with the ancient world through Tangier without, leaving the feel of the modern world. Tangiers is where the ancient and the modern world meet. Some artists and writers visit Tangier to draw inspiration from its panoramic beach view, from its snow capped mountains and meadows. They visit Tangier to find solace without depriving themselves from the comforts of modern life.

Perfect geographical location
Morocco is a country located along the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. This geographic location makes the country a haven for beach enthusiasts including those who just want to relax in front of a calm ocean. You can do a lot of beach and ocean activities in Tangier and that includes sailing, scuba diving and fishing or even just to bask in the sun. Since Tangier is located along a rich coastline, you can expect sumptuous aquatic meals cooked in exquisite Moroccan style.

Rich culture
In spite of the advances and exposure to the modern world, Tangier managed to retain its rich ancient culture. The native of Tangier still practice their old traditions, wear dresses in old cut and style, they still celebrate their olden festivals and the recipes handed to them from one generation to another is still prepared to this very day.

Extraordinary hospitality
Another remarkable thing about Morocco is their notable friendliness and hospitality. Upon reaching Morocco, Tangier would be the first place you would step your foot on. Tangier takes pride on their hospitality and they greet their visitors with age old customs and ceremony codes. Anyone visiting Tangier would right away feel at ease and comfortable because of the resident’s warmth and kindness.

How to reach Tangier
There are many ways to reach Tangier through Morocco. You can visit the Moroccan embassy in your country to give you pertinent information on how to reach Morocco the legal way. You will also be briefed on what to expect in the area and the basics on how to go around Morocco and of course, Tangier. You can also get a book on travel guide at the airport or bookstores and you can check online for more information. You can also contact your local travel agent to avail of tour packages for Tangier. You can avail of cheaper travel packages if you do your travel on an off peak or non holiday season. You can also minimize the plane ticket cost if you travel by group and if you book your travel way ahead of your scheduled travelling date. Arrange your Tangier travel now to experience an experience of a lifetime.

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