Relocating to Tangier and Morocco

Tangier is a thriving, cosmopolitan city. It is a city that foreigners feel comfortable in and safe in. You will either be focusing your housing search on renting or buying real estate in Tangier. You will find that real estate in Tangier is a good investment but you want to make sure you get local assistance in searching for and purchasing property in Tangier.

Buying or Renting
If you are relocating to Tangier you will need to find a place to live. Until somewhat recently you would not be looking at real estate in Tangier other than for rental purposes. The real estate market was too difficult to manage for a foreigner and the roadblocks were somewhat deliberate. A strong desire to open the market has made foreign investment easier which means you can buy real estate in Tangier at a time when their value continues to rise.

Factors for Determination
Whether buying or renting makes more sense depends on a number of factors. If you are planning on staying a relatively short period of time, then chances are you will want to rent some real estate in Tangier. The only exception to this would be if you wanted to buy property in Tangier that you later rent (after you move).

If your relocation will likely keep you in the area longer you may want to consider buying some real estate in Tangier. You will find that there are some great deals that include homes in need of restoration as well as some luxury homes that are move-in ready.

Finding Real Estate in Tangier
Once you have made your decision about whether to buy or rent property in Tangier you can begin your search. You will definitely want to work with someone local. They will have the best understanding of the process as well as know where you can find what you are looking for at the right price.

Speaking the Language
The better real estate companies have people who speak all languages, including English (there are many real estate professionals who do not speak English). You should work with a company that is familiar with the relocation process to Morocco so they can help you beyond just finding the right real estate in Tangier.

When you are looking at real estate in Tangier you should speak frankly to the person you are working with so they have an understanding of what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. If you will be working or attending school you will want to discuss location with them so you can choose the best location.

Residents and Non-Residents Purchasing
If you are buying real estate in Tangier it is a different process for residents versus non-residents. There are some regulations in place to control the flow of foreign currency on the market so you want to make sure you speak to your real estate professional about that. Having all your paperwork in order is important.

Anyone looking to relocate to Tangier should definitely prioritize a search for real estate in Tangier. You should work with a local, professional and make sure they really know what you want and do not want. If you do this you should be able to find some great real estate in Tangier.

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