Special things about Tangier: tourists need to know

There are two important things that make Tangier worth any tourist’s visit. For one, the city is rich in its historical aspect. Tangier is especially located in the border of Africa making it near Spain and other European countries. The city’s cultural aspect cannot be overlooked as well. It is one of the many cities where Africa and Europe meet and share culture together in one geography. Traces of history as well as civilizations can be found in Tangier. In the metro, Arabian souks are juxtaposed with the stylish and cozy French tea shops making Tangier a good spot for almost any nationality. There are a number of interesting things Tangier has to offer. In this way, it is considered as one of the major real estate spots in Morocco.

Where Tangier is seated
Tangier is often seen by locals and tourists as one mysterious and vibrant city of Morocco which is famous for its cultural land, fantastic and thrilling natural sights. Being just fourteen kilometers away from Spain and sixty kilometers from Gibraltar, you can say that Tangier is a deep experience of Morocco, Africa, and Europe put together in one city. Not only this, Tangier has fascinated some European celebrities, poets, and dignitaries in its attractive sight. Some of these guests include literary personalities such as Oscar Wide, Andre Gide, and Jack Kerouac and political leaders such as Winston Churchill. Added to this, Tangier is also home to many prominent businessmen who found their profit by investing on real estate properties in the city. Tangier is simply as compelling travel destination with its exceptional bazaars, city charms, shops as well as religious places like mosques that fascinate the entire world.

Petit Socco: the shopping haven
One of the best places to visit when in Tangier is the shopping destination of Petit Socco. The place is located at the heart of the city and is a very good place to shop all you want with items ranging from less expensive to the more grand products. Moreover, the Museum of American Legation is also an equally worth tourist spot. The museum serves a reminder of the American heritage it has before it became independent. Other places that travelers usually include in their list are the valuable spot in white-walled Sultan and Kasbah’s gardens which are very much stunning and awe-inspiring. Different types of herbs can be found in these places such as lemon and orange trees. The places in Tangier are also perfect for lovers who want to take some time off their busy lives.

Witness the natural landscapes
Tourists simply cannot deny the beauty of Tangier. Apart from its heritage, the city also boasts its picturesque landscape and stunning beaches that are pristine and amazing in their natural splendor. Hence, Tangier is an exceptional place with abundant attractions and pleasurable sights making it unparalleled in terms of authenticity and uniqueness. The things Tangier has to offer to the world make the experience of travelling unforgettable in every sense.

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