Tangier: a great city of Morocco

In order to choose the right destination among several attractive places of Morocco, its great city Tangier is best option. With several attractions, traditional Moroccan souks and cuisine, Tangier is perfect place to visit. To satisfy your carvings of culinary, Tangian cuisine serve you both culture as well as flavor.

Tangier is a Moroccan city well-known for its whitening, brilliant export and import port. It is a place where you can view several yachts of millionaires at the meeting point of Atlantic and Mediterranean Ocean.
Several famous writers as well as poets like William Burroughs and Paul Bowles visited Tangier many times because they feel relaxed and homely at here. Tangier is also well known for its world’s eminent. The city is alluring with its beautiful beaches and thus, it becomes popular destination among holiday makers and tourists. This beautiful place is very likeable, energetic, has enduring peculiarity and it is extremely individual.
As this city is ideal for holidays, here is some basic information that would help you to know more about this great city of Morocco.

Tangier has several pensions and hotels in either Ville Nouvelle or Medina. This city has 2 campsites: Camping Mirarnonte and Tingis. Both campsites are very closer to the city center and at walking distance from its beaches. They are convenient and safe.

Tangier places to visit:

Tangier Beaches:
Its beaches are great point of attraction. People like to enjoy camel rides, acrobatics, windsurfing and football at here. These beaches have lots of beach bars which only open in summers. Most of those bars offer deck chairs, showers, drink, food, cabarets etc to the visitors.

Place De-France:
Place de-France is small French looking square located in middle of Ville Nouvelle. Here several friendly street cafes are available.

Grand Socco:
This is a great market square that has many fine street cafes. Sitting within these cafes one can absorb Tangier lifestyle easily. Grand Socco vends everything including fruits, vegetables, art and craft articles, old junk etc.

Mendoubia Gardens:
This is a beautiful garden located around the Grand Socco. The various shades of this garden offer cool afternoons in midsummer. This garden has eight hundred years old banyan tree that is world famous.

Hercules Caves:
Closer to the Tangeir, Hercules caves are situated in Cap-Spartel area. It is an area of great archeological significance and beauty.

As Morocco is well famous for its delicious food and aromatic herbs, Tangier also has delightful traditional cuisine. Tangier has lots of worthy and inexpensive restaurants, bars and cafes that serves variety of traditional cuisine as well as international food. If you would like to have some fancy food then the Ville Nouvelle is perfect place to choose.
Nightlife of Tangier is not extremely excited. However, you can find good bars, cafes and discos to make your night excited.
Hence, tangier has lots of things to enjoy. With beautiful beaches it is a place where you would have unforgettable memories, if you visit it once.

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