Tangier: the African and European experience

Located on the Northern part of Morocco along the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is one of the beautiful cities of Morocco where Europe and Africa have culturally met. Being multi-faceted and richly gifted with picturesque sceneries, the city of Tangier is definitely a tourist haven. The heritage that was left by Europeans and other foreign occupants has highly influenced Tangier’s architecture and culture to come up with a whole new Moroccan lifestyle. Because of this, not only does the place attract tourists as well as investors. You might consider investing in Tangier’s real estate market.

Tangier historical facts
Dating back since the early 20th century, the city of Tangier was considered as belonging to the list of elite beach resorts and favorite tourist sight. Amongst the visitors who have travelled to Tangier are American as well as European personalities including Winston Churchill and William Burrough. Later in the mid-1950’s, Tangier has faced a lot of further developments since this was the time of Moroccan independence from foreign rule. Now, the city has varied inhabitants ranging from local citizens to tourists who have decided to settle and embrace Morocco as their new home. Annually, Tangier and other Moroccan cities would receive more and more guests as they cannot help but savor the city’s holiday offers.

Tourist destinations inside Tangier
When you visit the city, you will see the distinction between the old and modern set-up of Tangier as reflected on the whole of cities of Morocco. Apart from these views, Tangier is also boasting its pristine coastlines and tourists enjoy different water activities as the place is naturally a paradise. In addition to the attractive beaches, Tangier is also famous for city squares namely Place de-France, Grand Socco, and Petit Socco where you can make your eyes full from the mere sights of these places. Place de-France is situated at the heart of the city consisting of a series of restaurants and great view overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition, you can directly go to Medina taking the route from the Grand Socco in a shorter way. Jewelry shops also thrive successfully in these shopping squares in Tangier with several souks selling local Moroccan cuisine. You can also fill your appetite through visiting old coffee houses, not to mention the nostalgic feeling of going back in time. Moreover, these coffee houses have been the hub of every Moroccan’s lifestyle.

There are so many tourist spots that you can enjoy on your stay in Tangier. For one thing, this is one of the most exciting cities in Morocco and the whole of the African continent. Having a good experience in this beautiful country is one thing that most people treasure while some even chose to stay and embrace the stunning scenery of the city as well as the one-of-a-kind Moroccan lifestyle. And in some most beneficial way, people find the opportunities of making high capital gains by playing on the real estate market and making it big in the Moroccan investment sector.

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