Tangier: where Africa and Europe meets

Tangier is located in the Northern Morocco on Strait of the Gibraltar. It is a multifaceted city and always been a meeting place between Africa and Europe. The traits that were left by Europeans highly influence the Tangier’s architecture and culture that are totally different from usual Moroccan standard.

Past facts of Tangier:

During the first half of the 20th century, Tangier was one of the most elite and outstanding seaside resort located in Morocco. Tangier is a place that is loved by many writers including William Burrough and Paul Bowles. They love Tangier so much that they write about its beauty and natural worth in their books.

When Morocco became independent in 1956, Tangier face lots of things together. Actually, it is an international zone that has lots of significant and crucial features. However, after independence Tangier lost its international-status. Most of its habitants, foreign population, banks and business relocated either to Switzerland or Spain. Due to such changes, Tangier would not remain the popular spot to visit.

However, later Tangier underwent through several changes further and again got back its popularity. Most of the tourists from Europe, France, Germany and other place of the world visit Tangier and enjoy their holidays.

When you put your first step on the sand of this great land, you would surely feel the magic of this place. However, it would appear quite daunting and messy because of the crowded people who offer you services, guides, taxi drivers etc when you reach there. If you have already booked your hotel or accommodation in advance, then there is no problem at all. If you reached at Tangier without any advance booking, then it is advisable to go to the tourism information center for getting accurate information about trustable place or hotel to rent.

Tangier interior and sites to visit:

Most of the Moroccan cities have two parts: one is old city locally called as Medina and other is new city. Hence, like other cities Tangier also has Medina as well as new town. In Medina, you can view the narrow streets, houses and shops built in Muslim style. In addition, in a new city you can see the colonies in European style.

Tangier is a beach town that has number of selective activities and interesting waterfront cafes and restaurants. In addition, the three famous squares of city: The Place de-France, The Grand Socco and the Petit Socco are also a great place to visit.

The Place de-France is located in the very heart of Tangier and has lots of excellent restaurants and panoramic vision over Strait. In clear days you can also view the Spanish coast from Tangier.

From the Grand Socco, you can directly access Medina with Roman archway in north-west of square. In addition, you can also access Rue-es-Siaghin that is a main street of Medina with jewelry shops and several souks on side streets.

The road ends in Square of the Petit Socco which have lots of Old coffee-houses and new modern hotels. The coffee houses of Tangier have been center of its social lifestyle.

In addition, there are several other things available in Tangier for visitors. The old town welcomes visitors with its cultural wealth while the new town of Tangier entertains them with its modern restaurants, casino, disco, shopping centers etc.

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