Welcome to the great Moroccan town: Tangier

Tangier is a place that has magical power to dazzle anyone with its allure of natural beauty and historical worth. Several visitors find the peace and comfort for which they are looking since so long in Tangier.

Tangier welcome its tourists with cool breezes of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Oceans. This is a destination where majority of tourists belongs to Europe and Spain. Tangier is a spot that is outlined with beautiful sea and mountains.

Several artists visit Tangier in order to capture its natural beauty in their canvas. Photographers also find their desired location in Tangier. Many writers find comfort and peace in Tangier, which they really want to crystallize their thoughts. Tangier is one of the favorite locations among film makers to shoot their movies. Number of writers and poets give top priority to Tangier among other visiting places they visit.

Tangier is a perfect holiday destination to spend vacations in order to have full fun with comfort. The modern aspects of Tangier including its bars, resorts, cafes, discos, casinos etc make it a fine place to spend holidays.

There are several attractions that drag tourists at here from all over the world. So, here is some briefing about the places to visit in Tangier.

Places to visit in Tangier:

Tangier souks and market places:

Tangier is a town that is totally perfect to wander and stroll. The aromatic mint tea, delicious Tangieran dinner and its traditional food is outstanding. The good place where most of the tourists spend their lots of time is Tangier souks and market places. The shops of Tangier display lots of Moroccan handicrafts as well as articles for sale. Majority of tourists buy carpets from here because Moroccan carpets are world famous.

There are two grand shopping spots of Tangier where everything is available including clothes, handicrafts, fruits, vegetables, natural herbs, aromatic spices etc. If you have just a day or an hour, then you should include the Terrace of Lazy in New town of Tangier in your visiting trip. In addition, you should also include the Place de-France, small souks of Tangier, and Kasbah in your trip. These places have the real essence of Tangier culture as well as Moroccan culture together. Time required in visiting above places is very less, so you can visit all the above places in less time easily.

Hercules caves, beaches and other places:

The other place to visit within short time in Tangier is great Hercules caves or Asilah white town. You can visit both the places after a drive of ½ hour by renting Grand Taxi from any location in the Tangier.

In addition, there are several other places also available in Tangier to visit like its beaches, port, natural sightseeing, monuments, museums etc. There are many guides available who help you to visit Tangier finely in short time as well as in reasonable charges. Tangier is very small town, hence you can visit many places through wandering. Some guide excursions are also available that provide whole trip of Tangier in one take.

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