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Knowing More about Tangier

There are many reasons that make Tangier a special place. For one, it is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. Being in Tangier feels like the world was reduced into a small city. In this contemporary day, the world has gone modernized. Everyone is accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the city life but if you want to have a feel of serenity, you can get in touch with the ancient world through Tangier without, leaving the feel of the modern world. Tangiers is where the ancient and the modern world meet. Some artists and writers visit Tangier to draw inspiration from its panoramic beach view, from its snow capped mountains and meadows. They visit Tangier to find solace without depriving themselves from the comforts of modern life.

How Tangier can be a good investment location

With this growing economy where tourism is becoming a very thriving industry, any foreign investor cannot go wrong in investing their precious capital into one of the world’s interesting and strategic business locations—Morocco. Morocco is a beautiful country with picturesque beaches and surroundings and is a very good spot for almost any event ranging from business functions to vacation escapades, as it is one of the leading tourist places in the world. Given this, investors can be sure that their hope of having a successful business is within reach. Every city in Morocco is almost comparably attractive to each other but as an investor, it is good to choose a very attractive metropolitan city such as Tangier. So a good reading will help you be inspired by the good things Tangier has to offer to your real estate investment.

Special things about Tangier: tourists need to know

There are two important things that make Tangier worth any tourist’s visit. For one, the city is rich in its historical aspect. Tangier is especially located in the border of Africa making it near Spain and other European countries. The city’s cultural aspect cannot be overlooked as well. It is one of the many cities where Africa and Europe meet and share culture together in one geography. Traces of history as well as civilizations can be found in Tangier. In the metro, Arabian souks are juxtaposed with the stylish and cozy French tea shops making Tangier a good spot for almost any nationality. There are a number of interesting things Tangier has to offer. In this way, it is considered as one of the major real estate spots in Morocco.

Tangier – The Meeting Place Of Two Cultures

Tangier is one of those rare places in the world that gained worldwide attention due to its strategic global positioning, though abundantly endowed with natural beauty. The city is best described as the confluence of diametrically opposite features.

Tangier: where Africa and Europe meets

Tangier is located in the Northern Morocco on Strait of the Gibraltar. It is a multifaceted city and always been a meeting place between Africa and Europe. The traits that were left by Europeans highly influence the Tangier’s architecture and culture that are totally different from usual Moroccan standard.

Tangier: the popular town of Morocco

A land of horizon where sand dunes, mountain, sea and sky extend interminably is Morocco that enjoys several natural contrasts together. In Morocco, you find snow-capped peaks well framed with desert, fertile valleys protected through bare rocks formations as well as beauty exists along squalor. The unique characteristic that makes Morocco extraordinary is its position where different culture meets together: the European and African, western and eastern, Christianity and Islam, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Tangier: A place where beauty waits for visitors

The great continent Africa has a small and beautiful gateway that welcomes its visitors with traditional hospitality. This is no other than Tangier and it has a great name in the world.

Tangier: Gateway to visit Africa

A city of Morocco that is famous for its history, strict morals of religion and nightlife is Tangier. For visitors who are going to south or north, Tangier port is the gateway towards Africa. This is the only place from where Africa almost links to the Europe. Being situated only 38 miles away from Gibraltar, Tangier is very easy excursion for residents and travelers along Costa-del-Sol who certainly embark at airport or harbors on either British territory or Spanish.

Tangier events and its museums

The people who love art and craft would surely have lots of things to see in Tangier. Most of the visitors travel to Tangier because of its natural charm and outstanding hospitality. However, other than these things Tangier also has several things for tourists including its attractions and events.

It has culture in its soul and art in its soil. Everywhere you turn, you find only art in Tangier. Its historical places have extraordinary Islamic archeology. In addition, the handicrafts available in Tangier are best examples of its art. While wandering in its local markets, you can find several artists busy in their artwork along the street sides.

Business man, storytellers, snake charmers etc can be seen in its local market places, especially in evening. You can also see athlete performing gymnastics at beach side. If you would like to look more artwork, then the museums of Tangier are best place to visit.

Some of the Museums of Tangier are here:

Moroccan Art Museum:

This museum is situated in the palace of Dar el-Makhzen at Place de-la-Kasbah. This museum is well set in apartment of princes with ceiling of painted wooden work and sculpted plasterwork. Here, you can see excellent displays of expression of the Moroccan artwork from pottery and rugs to silks and jewelry in diverse collection of artworks.

Antiquities Museum:

It is also located in Dar el-Makhzen at Place de-la-Kasbah. It has fine displays of artifacts including mosaics and bronze from Roman sites of Cotta, Lixus, Volubilis and Bsnasa.

American-Legation Museum:

This museum is a place where you can see the marks of historical relations between America and Morocco. Morocco was first country of old continent that recognize independence from America. Admission in museum is free of cost. However, the tour in museum is guided by staff of museum.

Forbes Museum:

This museum consists of an exhibition of several miniatures of military that re-enact major battles. This museum has history from the Waterloo to the Dien-Bien-Phfi that is realistically re-created totally with lots of technical sound effects and lightning.

All the museums of Tangier open from Monday to Friday in between 8:30am to 18:30pm.

In addition, some events that also attract the attention of many tourists including artists are:

May: Tanjazz:

This festival mainly held in every May since 2000. In this festival you can see the performances on the streets as well as indoor concerts.
June: International Summer-Carnival:
In this carnival, people of Tangier celebrate the opening of summers. You can watch open-air parade, features of folkloristic expressions, Latin musical performances as well as Moroccan music performances.

July: Nights of Mediterranean:
Its celebration starts in beginning of the month of July with dance exhibitions and musical series by the international artists.
In addition, Amazigh festival, Volubilis Festival and Mediterranean Short-film festival also celebrates in Tangier every year. So, there are lots of exciting things available in Tangier for artists and tourists equally.

Tangier cuisine and restaurants

The great land of natural herbs and aromatic spices is Morocco. The traditional cuisine that has natural herbs and aromatic spices attract lots of tourists towards Morocco. Tangier is a beach town of Morocco and well famous as Gateway to Africa also offer the real traditional Moroccan tastes to the visitors.