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Getting Familiar with the Moorish Architecture

The Moroccan architecture is also known as the Moorish architecture. The artisans have traditionally reproduced these elements over the centuries. Their style reflects the use of space and natural elements incorporated in the construction of the buildings. In fact, a Moroccan home has the synergistic elements of the nature and borrows its hues from the world outside. No wonder that the walls in Moroccan homes have earthy colors and yellow muted tones to reflect the sand and the earth colors outside. Brightly colored and contrasting tiles break the pattern and the mélange is quite a pretty sight. The Tedelakt plaster, which was first used in the bathhouses, gives the walls the look of a shiny ceramic and is extremely smooth and soft to touch.

FAQs on property in Morocco

When investors are buying property in Morocco, there are several questions that an investor would like to know. Here are some FAQs on buying property in Morocco.

Selling property in Morocco

The property market in Morocco whether it’s for sale or purchase is extremely hot. Forbes magazine has even listed it as one of the top 10 destinations where investors can buy and sell property. The government has also unveiled ambitious plans for Tourism and Healthcare sectors and this has given a high impetus to the construction as well as property sector in the country.

Property purchasing procedure in Morocco

This is a general guide and procedure for purchasing the properties that are available for sale in Morocco. The laws are usually reminiscent of the French laws. It is important that you work with an established agent that can help you avoid the pitfalls that may be present. If you are an investor from abroad then employing an agent who understands the modalities on the ground is especially important. Please ensure that you understand the charges and the services that will be provided by the agents. In Morocco, there are usually three stages for the purchase of the property.

Top 10 reasons for investing in Morocco’s real estate

Are you interested in international property investment? This is the time to buy a ticket to Morocco. The Moroccan Real Estate sector is experiencing a boom. This North African country is now listed in the world’s top five countries – offering attractive real estate opportunities. Here are the top 10 reasons for investing in Morocco’s real estate:

Off-Plan Property in Morocco: High Quality at Low Price

Off-plan property in Morocco is a lucrative option for those interested in the international real estate sector. The two main benefits of investing in an off-plan property in Morocco are:

  • You can consider long-term ownership with the dual benefits of a holiday home for yourself and a source of rental income at other times.
  • Buy at a low price and obtain maximum profits possible.

Government incentives and rules
Off-plan property in Morocco is of high quality as the government has laid strict guidelines for the purpose. All major resorts that are being developed match the international five-star level. Also, there is an embargo of further construction for 15 years after completion of a resort project. This will not only maintain quality but help raise property prices. The Moroccan law stipulates that all new properties must follow environment-friendly guidelines.

IPIN recommendation
The International Property Investment Network (IPIN) rates profit potential in the real estate sector across the world. According to basic real estate mechanics, finished property is priced much higher than when it is in the development stage. IPIN recommends Morocco as a fantastic investment opportunity for those planning to buy property at the initial or mid-development stages. IPIN has pegged off-plan property in Morocco with high rental returns and potential for profit linked with capital appreciation.

Early entry for good profits
Property development has begun in Morocco only recently. Morocco has major development opportunities both on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Since the real estate market has just opened up to international investment, future potential for capital appreciation is tremendous.

Cheap price
Off-plan property in Morocco is on the cheapest side across the world. Similar properties cost almost twice as much as in Morocco in other parts of the world. When buying an off-plan property in Morocco, an investor needs to pay only about 20-40% of the value. The remaining amount is payable on completion of the project. Further, this amount can be financed easily.

Expert help
An expert notary or real estate financial advisor will be able to help you draw up a detailed investment plan. He will be able to help you decide when to purchase, what units would be best for long- or short-term investment. A notary will also help you interpret and understand the local laws. Moroccan laws favour the landlord so your investment is secure enough even when you consider renting out your property.

Three ways to profit from an off-plan property in Morocco:

  • Buy early – It is best to pick up units in a development project as early as possible as you may get the property for way below the market price.
  • Best units – Try and go for the best units in a project since these will witness the best capital appreciation once the project is complete.
  • Price process – The price of units appreciates as a project develops and more units are sold.

A simple guide to mortgages in Morocco

There is no doubt that the Morocco’s Real Estate sector is booming. International investors are finding Morocco a lucrative property market. To retain their interest, Morocco now offers several banking products and other facilities for international investors. With all facilities in place, mortgages in Morocco are easily available.

Easy Tips for Financing a Property Investment in Morocco

Morocco has become a hot spot for international investors looking for profit in the real estate sector. The rush has inspired international banks and Moroccan authorities to make financing a property investment in Morocco easier and feasible. You will need the services of a qualified notary to help you in detailed planning but the following tips cover the basics:

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting Your Property in Morocco

Morocco is now one of the most popular real estate investment destinations in the world. Several international investors who buy property in Morocco do not use it personally. Instead, they like to set up rental income in Morocco. To rent out your property without any hassles, here are the 5 key things to keep in consideration.

When to Buy Real Estate in Morocc

Real estate in Morocco is a great investment. Many foreign investors are snatching up some of the best buys in cities like Tangier and Marrakesh. If you are interested in investing in real estate in Morocco you will want to time it right.