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Understanding State Landlord and Tenant law in Morocco

The State Landlord and Tenant law in Morocco favours those renting out property. This makes Morocco a stable and safe investment destination for international investors. Morocco is an exotic North African country. Most people who visit it on holiday are charmed by its landscape and people. Even if they do not intend to get involved in business, several tourists like to buy a ‘holiday home’ of sorts in Morocco. Such properties too can make great rental profits.

Tax planning for a property investment in Morocco

The taxation regime for property in Morocco is based on the complex French system. This is the reason that clients must seek professional advice of a notary before they proceed with buying the property. Since Morocco was a colony of France, the system is based on the French laws. Each case is treated as different from the other and there is no base to go by.

Mortgages in Tangier for Residents

Mortgages in Tangier are easier to obtain for residents than for non-residents. There are still some rules and regulations in place that make it somewhat difficult for non-residents to purchase real estate in and get mortgages in Tangier (though it is still more than possible to get).

Mortgages in Tangier for Non-Residents

If you are a non-resident looking for mortgages in Tangier you may find it a little more difficult than you would if you were a resident. Though you can get a mortgage for real estate in Tangier it will require you working with real estate professionals that are well-versed with non-residents buying real estate in Tangier.

The Basics of Moroccan Taxation System That One Must Know

Filing for tax returns often turns up as a harrowing experience for us, particularly for individuals and small businesses who can’t afford a tax consultant for a day-to-day job, for round the year. The primary impediment that we face while preparing for our tax-free life is our ignorance. Here, we present an overview of taxation system in Morocco. The information will help you to plan your finances better and eventually you can save a good amount of taxes.

Save capital gains tax on sale of your property in Morocco

In Morocco, if you sell your property and earn capital gains, a capital gains tax is to be paid by you. This tax is calculated at the rate of 20% of your profits earned on the sale of the property but it should cover at least 3% of the sale price of the property.

Great Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Love Morocco

Morocco is the perfect place to invest in. This beautiful location is still the most preferred location when it comes to buying a property. There are several reasons why real estate investors love Morocco. This serene beauty has undergone tremendous development in the past years, and is still expected to develop its infrastructure further. The Government of Morocco has taken by the development process seriously and is working on it with complete dedication.

All You Need To Know About The Moroccan Mortgage Market

Even though property prices are down in most parts of Europe, there are still some countries that show great promise in the future. One such country is Morocco where the current leader, King Mohammed has introduced a slew of plans that promise to propel the tiny country to a higher level by the year 2010.

Things To Avoid When Buying Real Estate In Morocco

An investment in real estate in Morocco could bear rich dividends in the long run. But if you are not careful enough, then you could lose a lot of money due to any unscrupulous developers, sellers or even agents. Here are some things that you should avoid when buying real estate in Morocco.