Foreign Investors are Attracted by Morocco’s Vision

According to Morocco’s Foreign Trade Minister Abdellatif Maâzouz, Morocco is a country that has a clear, homogenous and concentrated vision which has attracted a large number of foreign investors.

Maâzouz further explained that the World Economic forum (WEF) on MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, which hosted a large number of the world’s distinguished personalities, was an opportunity for Morocco to showcase its potentialities and approved strategies. This will enable the country to take steady steps towards achieving growth and development.

A Beautiful Vision From Tangier

The Minister went on to explain that the Forum has shown that Morocco is turning out to be THE real destination for worldwide decision makers and a rendezvous between top politicians and economists.

What Makes Morocco Stand Out In the International Community?
Oh yes, Morocco sure has a really strong stand in the international community. You may be wondering; “How is this possible in a global financial crisis?” According to the Foreign Trade Minister, the Renault-Nissan project in the city of Tangier is one of the biggest projects ever handled by this company at the global level, the minister noted that this project will indeed make The Kingdom of Morocco one of the global platforms in the automotive industry.

Maâzouz said that this sort of project is a great example of Morocco’s industrial development and also said that Morocco should embark on key projects in other sectors so that the country can fully play its role as a top industrial, economic and trade power not just in the Middle East and North Africa region but in the Mediterranean region as well.

Are There Any Other Great Investment Opportunities in Morocco?
Morocco is among the top unique location for real estate investors. Interested property investors have a chance to buy property early in a budding market at affordable costs in comparison to many other well known destinations in the Mediterranean area. What makes the property market in Morocco unique is the real sense of security for interested property investors. The tourism industry in this country is increasing at a very fast pace and “buy to let” investors are reporting 85 percent (85 percent!) occupancy rates during peak season. It is important for real estate investors to know that Morocco is indeed a safe place to buy property.

Need Convincing?
If you are one of those people who need real convincing before you put your money where your mouth is, then you should know this. The Moroccan King, His Royal Highness Mohamed VI and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have allotted a colossal sum into significantly increasing the country’s tourism industry further to a target of ten million each year. This investment alongside with a number of “tax advantages” (tax advantages!) will also help investors feel absolutely comfortable in investing in real estate in Morocco.

Think about it, there are not many places on the planet that investors can look to make good investments at exceptional costs and still the nerve to expect a quick rental return with a pretty good capital appreciation prospects. Morocco is every investor’s investment dream come true.

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