The Recommended Notary In The Tangier Region!

If you plan to buy an apartment, house, villa or land in Morocco, then you must be sure that you take care of all issues. If you put a lot of money into a property, then you want to ensure that your property is yours and nobody can take it away from you. Also, you do not want that oral agreements are subsequently interpreted otherwise by the other party. In short, you need security. A notary deed gives you this security. A notarial deed is an agreement that is written between different parties and has a high probative value.

Why do you need a notary?
The role of a notary begins when the discussions between the parties have started. During these discussions, the notary takes a neutral position. He weighs the interests of all parties concerned, and acts as an advisor to both parties. The notarial deed is a mandatory document for all parties concerned. To prevent errors, the notary checks all the information that should be in the deed. If there are ambiguities, he invites the parties to make additional provisions. If you do business with a notary in writing captures you avoid a lawsuit later.

Any notary is in principle bound by law and every notary should offer a professional and independent service. But our experience is that there may be differences when it comes to expertise, acting fast, the personal attention given to the client and accessibility.

Mr. Dahman el Mozariahi is highly appreciated by many real estate investors, real estate brokers and individuals for the items listed. For anyone interested in closing a real estate transaction in the Tangier region, we therefore recommend Mr. Dahman el Mozariahi. For anyone interested, please find below his contact information:

Dahman El Mozariahi
2, Angle Blvd. Med V and BC. Zerktouni
Res. Blue Diamond No. 6
Tangier – Marokko