Top 10 reasons for investing in Morocco’s real estate

Are you interested in international property investment? This is the time to buy a ticket to Morocco. The Moroccan Real Estate sector is experiencing a boom. This North African country is now listed in the world’s top five countries – offering attractive real estate opportunities. Here are the top 10 reasons for investing in Morocco’s real estate:

1 – Emerging market
You can make the best profits if you enter into the real estate sector when it is in its infancy. The Moroccan Government is taking keen interest in construction projects and opening the country to foreign investors.

2 – Boost to tourism
Morocco is known for its exotic charm and people are keen to holiday there. International travel agencies have started offering well-planned holiday packages to the North African country. An estimate pegs buy-to-let occupancy rates at about 85% during the peak holiday season.

3 – Political stability
The Moroccan monarchy has provided the country with a stable political system for a long while. Morocco is liked by both investors and holiday-makers for its quiet and stable political situation because it means the markets are more likely to remain stable as well in Morocco.

4 – Easy accessibility
Low-cost flights are easily available to Morocco from any part of the world. The country also has open-sky agreements with several airlines like operating scheduled flights on a daily basis to both Tangier and Marrakech.

5 – More value for investment
Since Moroccan real estate has just begun attracting investors and projects, the relative cost of property is half that of similar property elsewhere in the world. International investors are likely to find greater value for investment in Morocco than most of the other countries in Europe or America.

6 – Cheap living options
Morocco is way cheaper than Europe or America. Facilities are good but cost of living is pretty low as compared to even Morocco’s neighbouring countries. This makes Morocco an ideal destination for long-term holidaying, business ventures, job opportunities etc.

7 – Several tax incentives
The Moroccan Government offers several tax incentives for the international investor. These include exemption from Garbage Tax and Property Tax for the first five years. No Rental Income tax is charged for the first three years while no Capital Gains tax is payable for the first 10 years. Neither is there any Inheritance tax.

8 – Infrastructure improvements
The Moroccan Government is focusing on improving basic infrastructure in the country like new roads, resorts and shopping malls are being built. Beach clubs are also becoming popular. The train and public transport system are being improved to match the international standards. Entertainment resorts including golf courses are also being built.

9 – Finance availability
International banks within and outside Morocco are keen on offering mortgages to the international investors for buying property in the country.

10 – Great locations
Morocco offers beach-side locations on both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. The areas are ideal for both business and holiday purposes. The climate is mild and comfortable for most visitors.

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