When to Buy Real Estate in Morocc

Real estate in Morocco is a great investment. Many foreign investors are snatching up some of the best buys in cities like Tangier and Marrakesh. If you are interested in investing in real estate in Morocco you will want to time it right.

There is no time like the present for buying real estate in Morocco. With foreign investors buying many of the best deals the home values continue to climb. This is great news for savvy investors who are buying now rather than waiting. Though there are still many great investment properties to be found, they will become increasingly scarce.

If you are looking to get really good deals on real estate in Morocco you should avoid buying during the busiest tourist seasons. Like in most cities, the “high season” is when home owners are increasingly less willing to negotiate. Though as a general rule real estate in Morocco is always priced pretty close to the lowest you can expect the home owner to go.

The High Season
The high season in Morocco is July and August. Though you can still find some good values for real estate in Morocco during these months you will probably find better deals in the off-season.

Why Buy Now?
Since many of the restrictions on foreign purchasing of real estate in Morocco have been loosened there has been an influx in foreign investments. This is most obvious in Tangier where investors are snatching up traditional homes in need of refurbishing (specifically in the historic areas). These traditional homes are being purchased for rock bottom prices and are being renovated.

Traditional Homes
The renovated traditional homes are jumping in value and are also proving to be easy to rent. Tangier is a very cosmopolitan city and is the destination of choice for vacationers looking for an exotic destination.

Resort Style Homes
In addition to many of the older, traditional homes for sale in Tangier and other places in Morocco there is newer construction including resort-style townhomes. These complexes are built with luxury in mind and include resort-style amenities that make them very easy to rent to vacation and holiday travelers.

Real estate in Morocco ranges greatly from small traditional homes up to riads (small palaces) and even larger estates. You can find real estate in Morocco that is move-in ready as well as real estate that needs to be refurbished. Depending on your specific needs and your budget you should find it no problem to invest in real estate in Morocco.

The Bottom Line
Work with a reputable and knowledgeable real estate agent in Morocco and you will likely find many options. Make sure you speak to them about your needs and desires so they can work with you in finding the ideal real estate in Morocco. Once you have identified the property you are interested in they will work with you in finalizing the purchase including any and all financing needs.

There is no time like the present to invest in some great real estate in Morocco.

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