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At the cross-road of Africa and Europe, of Mediterranean and Atlantic, Tangier opens door onto the great country Morocco. The air of Tangier still has mystery and lots of historical stories.

Significance of Tangier:
Since, Tingis or Tangier was founded in 4th century BC, Romans, Carthaginians, Vandals, Phoenicians, Spaniards, Arabs, English and the Portuguese have fought jealously just for the right to rule and control Tangier. There is no other African city that is closer to Europe.
Tangier is the only city which is loved by the American and European artists, writers, painters, poets or musicians. Most of the famous artists including Van Dongen, Delacroix, Saint-Sains, Jean Genet, Tenesse Williams and Joseph Kessel, spend their time in Tangier and stated that it is a fine as well as peaceful place.

Destinations to visit in Tangier:
There are several reasons behind exploring regions around Tangier. It may be its beautiful beaches, local culture, historical worth, etc. The tourists who like to do swimming can prefer to visit its beaches. They can enjoy swimming in Atlantic after their breakfast and in Mediterranean after lunch-time or vice versa. In addition, those who love to see the local Moroccan lifestyle can wander into the town. Those who like to do shopping can prefer to visit its souks and markets along the street sides.
At a distance of ten kilometers in east of this town, tourists can visit Cap Malabata through magnificent road that has beautiful sights along its sides. In north-west just twelve kilometers away from Tangier there is a Cape Spartel where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic. The straits unlock onto extreme promontory of African continent and covered in cork-oaks as well as rock-roses. If you travel few kilometers further, you can see the legend at Grottoes of the Hercules.
In addition, the other attractions of Tangier which catch attraction of several tourists are: Forbes museum, little socco, great socco, jeweler’s street, etc. One of the great attractions of Tangier is its Mendoubia. It is a park that is decorated with cannons of copper, vestige of English and French fleets, Bit-el-Mal, old office of treasure, antique safe of Royal Treasure, Dar-El-Makhzen and old palace that is turned into museum presently.
The great traditional and modern restaurants of Tangier serve delicious cuisines to the visitors. The famous mint tea of Morocco is also one of the specialties of Tangier.
In short, Tangier is a place that has variety of attractions for tourists. This town is an international zone and thus, it has lots of developments currently. Being historical place, Tangier also has lots of modern wealth. It is place that has lots of adventures and natural charm. The thing which makes Tangier world famous is its location and cultural worth.
So, visit Tangier once to experience the nature magic and exclusive culture of Morocco.

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