Things to enjoy in Tangier

Apart from other attractions of Tangier, the things you can enjoy at here are:

Festivals and events:

Tangier annually celebrates the festival of Jazz music that is hosted by the town for five days with intense schedule of the pure delectation of TANJAZZ.

During the festival, you would see lots of artists performing in streets. In addition, you would also see a lot of free concerts on widest places of city and private concerts with clubs and pubs. The whole program of this festival is fully enjoyed by the tourists and locals with great entertainment.

The Jazz festival is mostly held in the month of May. In order to get more information about this festival of Tangier you can visit the official website of this festival.


The nightlife of Tangier is famous. So, if you are looking for entertainment at night in Tangier, then good places are its touristy restaurants, hotels bars and cafes. Here, you would find the first-rate entertainment in Moroccan style. The bars of old hotels as well as new hotels of the Tangier, offers traditional show to the visitors. If you would like to party late night, then the cafes and restaurants at Petit Socco and Grand Socco are perfect. In addition, the Boulevard Pasteur and Place De-France are also excellent place to choose.

One popular night spot at beach of Tangier is Sable Bar that is just opposite to the Hotel Solazur. This energetic bar that offer Moroccan dancing and music to the visitors is equally famous among both tourists as well as locals. The discos of Tangier are very wonderful. They are perfect symbol of Tangier nightlife.


The main attraction of Tangier is shopping. The whole town is loaded with several souks and bazaars that offer variety of products. The souks of Tangier are overflowing with lots of art and craft articles that are very eye-catching. If you are a good bargainer, then you would surely make good deals. So, here you can bargain well on products. As being less expensive country, Morocco is perfect for shopping.

The things you would find here include reasonable and good quality copper articles, cedar wood boxes and posts, carpets, leather products, etc. Shopkeepers at here are very friendly and offer you mint drink if you stop at their shop to buy something.
The things you find here for shopping are very attractive. You could not stop yourself from purchasing more and more. The shopping areas are much crowded and you would find many other tourists also in the markets busy in purchasing. As Morocco is rich in its culture, most of the shopping products that you would find here are handmade and exclusive.
You can get unique spices and natural herbs from the local souks of Tangier. These herbs and spices are outstanding in themselves. The aromas of the herbs make you feel refresh and relax. If you would like to buy them in great quantity, then most stores offer you home delivery also.

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