Trip to the fascinating place: Tangier

It is really fascinating to visit tangier, which is an amazing place to experience. It is a place that lays close to Spain but belongs to Morocco. It is a beach town of Morocco that has outstanding things to experience. The position of Tangier is itself one of its attractions. Tourists, who visit tangier, experience different cultures at one place. Hence, it is really outstanding to visit Tangier. In order to trip to tangier you really require some general information, so here is some basic information that would help you a lot.

Tangier is an ideal spot to spend your weekend if you really want to escapade with your friends and family. Tangier is just 14kms away from Spain through sea. In tangier you would surely discover another totally lifestyle and culture to what you are used to.

Visitors require only few hours from Spain to reach at tangier. It is very thrilling to wake up on the great land of Europe, spend your whole day on utterly different continent or in entirely separate world and then return to the Spain in evening.

Day trips to Tangier:

Tangier is very small town of Morocco that can be seen easily in one day. However, it does not mean that this place has few things for tourists. In order to do city justice, few days trip is possibly better. Yet day trips to the Tangier from Gibraltar and Spain are extremely popular.

As being at some distance from Spain, even after spending a day at tangier you would feel that you have been there for several days. Thus, trip to Tangier for a day is very worthy for visitors.

To reach tangier you can buy tickets of ferry at various locations along the Costa-del-Sol as well as Costa-de-la-Luz. Some tour operators build Morocco trips for a day often offer guides, meals, sightseeing and various practical information you would require. Tangier day trips are very intense and short- about few hours of crazy sightseeing located in between two picturesque boat trips just across Straits of the Gibraltar.

Official tourists guides of Tangier:

In order to make your trip amazing you can hire official tourist guide. Through official guide you can visit this place finely. However, unofficial guides would charge less but it won’t be worthy to hire them for you trip because selecting wrong guide would be result into disaster.

Morocco Tourism just for the sake of safety and comfort of tourists to Morocco appoint several guide officially. These guides are well trained and know all the ancient history of country. They can explain you about all location and make your trip worth. All the official guides are capable of speaking different foreign languages.

You can find official guides either from major hotels or at Tourists Information center. You can identify official guides through their traditional costumes as well as guide badge.

You can find several ferries services available at various locations that take you Tangier from Spain in minutes.

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